Cant Go Wrong With $10 Flat Rate Postage


Come in and have a look around, I do my best to deliver amazing products with impeccable service. Bliss Bath & Beauty is dedicated to delivering quality, and while I would love to be able to make all the products myself, that is not always possible. Bliss has a selection of products made by myself as well as retailing Bomb Cosmetics. I have chosen a company I feel fits my ethics and my needs that I am happy to have fill the gaps in my collection.  All of my products are lovingly handmade and I am also  happy to  be able to offer a range of Vegan friendly products.

Featured collection

It’s that time again, it only come around once a year and it is such a magical time. 

This is a collection of limited products and fragrances that will only be around for a short time. Get them while you can, they won’t be back for 12 months if ever. 

Collection list